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We comply with the criteria of the Consumer Protection Act (CPA), No 68 of 2008 as well as the Electronic Communication and Transaction Act, No 25 of 2002.

APR’s between 5 % and 20 %, these costs are an average depending on lender.

How Can Debt Counselling Help You?

  • We solve your debt problems
  • Avoid administration, sequestration or insolvency
  • Pay one single affordable amount each month
  • Stop credit providers from harassing you for payments
  • We negotiate with your credit providers on the repayment period as well as trying to reduce the fees
  • You will be able to afford your lifestyle
  • We ensure that you receive the protection provided for in the National Credit Act
  • Be debt free within a fixed period of time

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Personal Loans

Personal Loans between R300 to R150 000:

  • We arrange personal loans from R300 to R150 000
  • Easy repayment terms from 1 to 60 months
  • Quick and easy paperless application process
  • Money in your account within 24 to 48 hours after all documentation has been submitted by you.

Our loan providers arrange customer protection insurance for you to enjoy added peace of mind. You will be covered against death as well as against permanent and temporary disability and retrenchment.

Consolidation Loans

A loan that allows you to consolidate smaller loans into one manageable installment:

1. Apply for a loan from Debt Consolidation Loans
2. Restructure your debt
3. Save hundreds, even thousands each month.

Legal Services

Our service provider offers the following one stop legal services:

  • Formulation of Trusts (family trusts, business trusts, ect)
  • Draft of Wills, ITC Checks
  • Draft and Prepare Various Commercial Contracts
  • Administration of Estates
  • Rescission of Judgments
  • Clearing of ITC / Credit reports and Divorces

Annual Tax Returns (IRP 5)

Our service provider is a registered tax practitioner with SARS (South African Revenue Service).
They offer a professional taxation service to the client at a 30% discount of their normal fee as a value added service to all our clients.
This will save you the client an enormous amount of time and run around.